Thursday, 19 March 2009

What's another year?

Today's revelations from the public administration committee's inquiry into whistleblowers and the like has generated some big headlines already. According to the BBC:

A full public inquiry into the decision to invade Iraq is needed because "a lot of facts still have to come to light", a former diplomat has told MPs.

Carne Ross said it was "disgraceful" of ministers to "pretend" the Butler and Hutton inquiries told the full story.

That should set things up nicely for the commons debate next Wednesday in which the Tories will again call for an inquiry.

Rather worryingly, the Guardian says that:
Gordon Brown has promised to consider an inquiry after all the troops come home from Iraq next year.
I think this is a mistake, as Brown has never said that all the troops must come home. Nearly all of them are due to leave in the next four months, with a contingent staying on long term. Surely Brown won't use a long-term deployment as an excuse?

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