Monday, 9 March 2009

And now the bad news

The mainstream press don't seem to want to report the aid convoy that George Galloway and others are taking to Gaza - unless it's bad news.

Today the Times reports that the convoy was stoned in Egypt as it waits to get into Gaza. The story refers back to an earlier one from 15 February which claim that the three members of a northern contingent of the convoy were terror suspects, seeking to leave the country "under the cover" of the convoy.

As far as I can see, that was the last time the convoy made the paper. And what a load of bollocks it was:
The men had been under surveillance for some time as part of what police described as “an ongoing intelligence-led operation”. Although details of the surveillance remain unclear, one source said the men were believed to be planning a terrorist operation abroad.
For a start, how does a convoy provide "cover" to leave the country? You either have the right travel documents or you don't. And why to the police, who have had the men under surveillance, decide to reveal this to a national newspaper? Were the men arrested just in case they might be up to no good abroad? Has it stopped them going abroad in future?

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