Wednesday, 5 November 2008

New Statesman censored

Index on Censorship reports that the New Statesman has censored the blog of Martin Bright, after a threat of legal action from Iraqi billionaire Nadhmi Auchi.

Wikileaks are unhappy about this and have posted the before and after versions of Bright's blog.

In the censored version, Bright removed the titles of various Guardian and Observer articles:

Here is the full list of the six:

  1. "Labour blocks extradition of Iraqi tycoon" Observer, 2 February 2003
  2. "Billionaire linked to Labour arrested in London" Guardian, 2 April 2003
  3. "So, Norman, any regrets this time?" Observer, 6 April 2003
  4. "Tycoon in quiz over ties to Labour" Observer, 6 April 2003
  5. "Politics of sleaze" Observer, 16 November 2003
  6. "MP questions Iraq role of Briton tainted over Elf"(this has also been titled "British fraudster to profit from Iraq contract")Observer, 16 November 2003

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