Wednesday, 19 November 2008

The Guardian follows up yesterday's story on Lord Bingham's comments with an editorial calling for a full inquiry into Iraq.

It's good that the paper is reminding people that the Inquiry should not just be about the debacle the followed the invasion but the scandal of how Britain got into an illegal war.

Unlike the BBC, the Guardian doesn't try to diminish Bingham's signficance:
Lord Bingham is not just any old lawyer. He is the most senior judge of the modern era. He is regarded by many as its finest legal mind. Though Lord Bingham only retired a few weeks ago, he has been at the pinnacle of English law-making for a decade and a half and has clearly been pondering the war's legality for years.
Strangely though, the editorial, which is about "time" and refers to the forthcoming withdrawal of troops, doesn't suggest that the latter will allow the inquiry to take place.

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