Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Buff Hoon doesn't get it

I've been watching Geoff Hoon opening the Commons debate on Heathrow. He is going through the motions of pretending not to have made a decision while saying over and over again that there is no alternative to expanding the airport.

Hoon showed just how much he has failed to understand the issue when he challenged his tory counterpart Theresa Villiers to say where the inevitable increase in aviation will take place if not at Heathrow. What he can't grasp is that many people don't want aviation to expand inevitably and inexorably and think that if it is constricted by a lack of capacity that will be a good thing. Adding extra capacity to allow aviation to expand is just mindless.

Chris Mullin has just put him right, saying that sooner or later politicians are going to have to say no to the aviation industry as it continues to demand infinite expansion.

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