Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Tesco the tyrant

The Times reports that various authors have condemned Tesco for prosecuting its critics in Thailand.
The British authors said that the supermarket’s action “sends a deeply chilling message to others who seek, quite legitimately, to discuss Tesco’s impact on their local economy”.
Lord Lester of Herne Hill, QC, a human rights expert, said that he was outraged by Tesco’s actions. “It is deplorable for Tesco to raise the sword of Thai libel law to suppress honest criticism of their policies and practices in Thailand, especially since they would be unable to succeed in similar proceedings in this country,” he said.
Jonathan Heawood, director of English PEN, said that Tesco’s actions had more in common with a tyrant than a supermarket.
It doesn't look like Tesco will be suing any of these people so what they have said must be fair comment.

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