Sunday, 6 April 2008

Private is best

As problems persist at Terminal 5, Brian Cathcart in the New Statesman does a round up of the media's telling of the story as "National Metaphor". Although T5 is quite obviously a private sector cock-up but a privatised monopoly airport owner and a privatised airline, some in the right wing press just can't see it. According to Cathcart:
Most bracing of all, though, were the conclusions of the true conservatives of our time. Peter Hitchens wrote in the Mail on Sunday that the fiasco was the inevitable consequence of the introduction of comprehensive education in around 1968, while Simon Heffer in the Telegraph put it all down to a British workforce which is "poorly educated, poorly managed, is almost impossible to sack when it fouls up, has its failures rewarded and has a lavish welfare state to fall back on".

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