Sunday, 13 April 2008

The national security card is a joker

The government's attempts to play the national security card are now so blatant that surely no-one takes them seriously any more. Struggling to get a majority for her (Brown's) pointless and entirely political plans to extend detention without trial to 42 days, Home Secretry Jacqui Smith has claimed that the threat from terrorism is "growing".

Meanwhile, former Attorney General Lord Goldsmith has criticised the judges who overturned the government's decision to stop the BAE/Saudi corruption inquiry. Strange really as the decision was supposedly taken by the head of the Serious Fraud Office. Anyway, Goldsmith has accused the judges of "not living in the real world". Or are the government's claims that the UK would have lost out on vital Saudi intelligence just a fantasy, as Robert Baer suggests in today's Independent on Sunday.

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