Tuesday, 19 May 2009

Now that's what I call grooming

The Times has an interview with Christopher Galley, the civil servant who leaked information to Damian Green. Galley says that the Tories have dumped him after promising to look after him. The Tories clearly want to avoid any suggestion that they groomed or bribed Galley but he clearly was groomed.
He had read an article on immigration posted by Mr Davis on the Conservative Party website and left a message on the site agreeing with the article and making a few suggestions. To his amazement, he received an e-mail asking him to meet the Shadow Home Secretary. “The invitation was to Davis’s Commons office,” said Mr Galley, who was then aged 24 and in the lowest rank of the Civil Service.
“In the invitation it said, ‘Our immigration spokesman wants to be there as well’,” Mr Galley went on. “At the time I didn’t have a clue who he was. So this balding bloke turns up at the meeting. It was Damian Green.
Galley also tells what first led him to leak:
“One day, I was sitting in Vernon [Coaker]'s office and . . . a private secretary to Vernon and one of the assistant private secretaries were dealing with a matter relating to the Security Industry Authority [which licenses workers in the security industry],” he said. “They were looking at this document to do with how licences had been granted to asylum seekers to work in the SIA. But rather than trying to put a stop to that, these two people were actually trying to co-ordinate . . . a damage limitation exercise on how to keep it quiet, which I didn’t think was right.

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