Tuesday, 19 May 2009

In the Guardian John Crace seems to be taking the mickey out of smug neo-con David Aaronovitch, who has wrote a book debunking conspiracy theories:
This book is all the fault of Kevin Jarvis. Kevin was an underling when I was making yet another of my groundbreaking exposes that failed to win the prizes I deserved and was eating my way through a six-course dinner while trying, as usual, to fend off the attentions of ­dozens of attractive young women, when he asked, "Why does ­everyone think you are a ­conceited, ­deluded, not-very-bright New Labour ­apologist?" It was a eureka ­moment. Never ­before had I seen so personally how unsubstantiated rumour could so easily become a global conspiracy theory.
It couldn't happen to a more conceited, ­deluded and not-very-bright New Labour ­apologist.

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