Monday, 6 April 2009

Wouldn't he

I've come across an interesting piece from Andrew Billen in Saturday's Times about In the Loop. It starts off pretty well.
How Peter Capaldi hopes that the adverts for his new film, In the Loop, will bear this quote: “A disappointment', Alastair Campbell.” It is, after all, there to be ripped, only slightly out of context, from Campbell's recent critique in another newspaper of the film adaptation of the scabrous BBC Westminster satire, The Thick of It. Since its infamous spin-doctor, Malcolm Tucker, as portrayed by Capaldi, is universally recognised as a reincarnation of Tony Blair's press chief at his bullying, foul-tongued, paranoid worst, Campbell's criticism shoots well up and off the “He Would Say That, Wouldn't He?” scale.
But Billen then goes on to say:
Not that Campbell was offended by the film. He was bored. He felt that the cartoon-like portrayal of new Labour did not stretch to a film...
Which bit of “He Would Say That, Wouldn't He? didn't you get?

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