Tuesday, 28 April 2009


The BBC has uncovered collusion between the Home Office and Phorm, which illegally spies on our internet usage to sell us targeted advertising.
The Home Office has been accused of colluding with online ad firm Phorm on "informal guidance" to the public on whether the company's service is legal.
In January 2008 the Home Office thanks Phorm for comments and changes to its draft paper, which show the company making deletions and changes to the document.

The Home Office official wrote to Phorm: "If we agree this, and this becomes our position do you think your clients and their prospective partners will be comforted."

Liberal Democrat Baroness Sue Miller said that this an other exchanges between civil servants and the company made her jaw drop. It is pretty shocking, but part of a pattern where civil servant somehow think it is their job to collude with business to deceive the public.

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