Thursday, 12 February 2009

Colluding in the cover-up

The Guardian's story about President Obama apparently being deprived of details of torture inflicted on Binyam Mohamed has a theme running through it about people who have either tried to cover it up or not looked as closely as they should.

The two judges who ordered last week that evidence of torture should be suppressed have agreed to reopen the case after it was suggested that David Miliband pulled the wool over their eyes. If they change their decision on this basis, Miliband is finished. So they probably won't.

The intelligence and security committee (ISC) is also in the frame. For once the Guardian correctly describes it as a "group of MPs and peers" rather than a parliamentary committee. It says that Mohamed's lawyers, including Clive Stafford Smith met members of the committee, which is
facing mounting criticism in Westminster over claims it failed to effectively scrutinise the activities of MI5. Stafford Smith said he told the committee it would have been "absolutely impossible" for it to have cleared MI5 of involvement in the torture of Mohamed had it seen 42 key documents in the case – as he has.
Utter compacency again from the ISC.

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