Thursday, 12 February 2009

Back on message

I've just come across this astonishingly naive piece about the defence training review on the BBC Wales website.
The consortium behind plans to build a multi-billion pound defence academy says the project is back on track after a new partner signed up.

The contract to build and run training facilities at St Athan in the Vale of Glamorgan is worth £12bn and could create thousands of jobs at the base.

The ongoing problems with the defence training review have been well documented here and by other media. The BBC, which didn't go near any of the negative stories, doesn't bother explaining why the project was ever off track.

It's also pretty astonishing that the scheme is described as being worth £12bn, which is the officially "unaffordable" cost to the taxpayer. Still, if the BBC is determined to turn a PR puff into a news story, small matters like that shouldn't concern them.

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Theoretician said...

It is a scandal that the only coverage this story has got in the local south wales papers is the same as the bbc effort.
John Smith MP for the Vale of Glamorgan has also paid for 4 pages of news paper full of propaganda and downright misleading information.

On top of this there is a sham consultation which hasn't managed to report back on even a meeting last July where no minutes where taken.

New Labour and Plaid say it can't be discussed at the assembly because its national policy!

Conspiracy of silence!