Thursday, 15 January 2009

Well said

It's hard to find any more to say in advance of the promised Heathrow decision than Michael McCarthy's brilliant piece in the Indy, Gordon Brown doesn't get climate change.
At a stroke Gordon Brown destroys his environmental credibility and that of his Government. His sanctioning of Heathrow's third runway with the huge leap in the UK's greenhouse gas emissions that will be consequent upon it will be seen as one of his premiership-defining decisions, on a par with his failure to call an election in October 2007. It will come back to haunt him. is still a terrible error on Mr Brown's part as a world leader in 2009, not to see that the issue of global climate change is simply going to trump all his other long-held concerns...

It is a disastrous example to give to the developing countries, whose own carbon emissions are soaring, and who will only take action to reduce them if they think rich countries such as Britain are leading the way. Gordon Brown simply doesn't get it: no other conclusion can be drawn.

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