Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Keep up Chris

I've done a few comment pieces in the last 24 hours about the information tribunal's landmark decision that minutes of two pre-Iraq war cabinet minutes must be released.

Yesterday, I did a piece for Comment is Free with my immediate reactions. Today I have done a blog for Index on Censorship on the implications for freedom of information and transparency and a short piece for Independent Minds.


Garryc said...

Been reading your dossier page. What is the latest, are we any closer to bringing prosecution over war crimes on Blair and Bush.

Chris Ames said...

Hi Garryc, I'm aware that I need to update the dossier site.
The latest is that I am still finding evidence that the spin doctors were up to their necks in rewriting the dossier - including inserting the 45 minutes.
Hopefully there will be more stories on this soon.
As to whether the guilty parties will ever face trial...