Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Not letting them off the hook

Bloggerheads has a very entertaining Goodbye Tony Blair video, and "pardons" for some old enemies to celebrate. I'm pleased to see that Jack Straw is not let off the hook and indeed, the "pardon" for Gordon Brown is conditional on Straw not being in his cabinet, which of course is going to happen. Bloggerheads' Tim Ireland cites Straw's denial of torture and denial of extraordinary rendition (kidnapping and torture). I'm more concerned with Straw's role in promoting the war in Iraq and the September 2002 dossier.

Someone else who is not getting a "pardon" is Rupert Murdoch. Indeed, Ireland is trailing a forthcoming Murdoch Watch site with the rationale that:
Nobody voted for Rupert bloody Murdoch, but that doesn't stop him from interfering with our lives on a daily basis
It's also worth mentioning Daily Mail Watch, which has to be done.

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Tim said...

I should point out that Murdoch Watch has been a long time coming... but I have a new formula that makes its creation and management a lot easier to deal with.