Wednesday, 15 October 2008

The politics of envy?

I don't know what the opposite of schadenfreude is, but it's entertaining to see lots of right wing bloggers and commentators feeling it just now. It must be pretty sickening to see Gordon Brown not just back from the dead but allegedly saving the world economy and the tories are openly wondering how to get "back in the game".

A lot of attention is being paid to an alleged tory briefing published by Conservativehome. The tories are hoping that as the real economy falls into recession, the gloss will once again come off Brown. It was a thought that occurred to me this morning but when this kind of thing is "leaked" it looks like wishful thinking.

Similarly, Conservativehome has a list of some daft things Gordon Brown and Ed Balls have said in the past in favour of risk taking and deregulation. It's allegedly from a "contact", but it looks like something prepared by a tory researcher, who has chosen to air it by this method.

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