Thursday, 28 August 2008

Strictly spin

The BBC continues to struggle to tell the difference between news and PR. Tonight's BBC One six O'Clock news included a propaganda film by Caroline Wyatt, reassuring us that the MoD's Nimrod aircraft is safe. A web version of the story is here. Wyatt mentions the criticism of the plane from coroner Andrew Walker, who called for the planes to be grounded after one exploded in mid-air, killing 14 servicemen. Wyatt observes:
His words clearly stung.
Yes, and they got you in to help counter the criticism. Wyatt also points out that the Nimrod's replacement is eight years behind schedule. In her film, Wyatt drew the conclusion that this would mean that the MoD would ensure that it was safe for years to come. The other possibility is of course that it would fly the Nimrod whether safe or not.

On the same programme was a puff for the new series of Strictly Come Dancing. Is that really news?

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