Wednesday, 9 July 2008

Whose fault is that?

The RAC is saying that
The cost of motoring has fallen by 18% in real terms over the past 20 years
although you'd never believe it, listening to the media. The BBC story on this seems to be getting a bit confused about statistics.
more than half of drivers think Britain's roads will be gridlocked in the next 20 years - despite the average annual mileage of British drivers dropping from 10,200 in 1988 to 9,070 in 2008.
Obviously, if drivers are spending less time on the road, roads won't be so busy (assuming they are the same roads), unless there are more drivers...
The number of households with a car has gone from 14m in 1988 to 19.5m - an increase of 39%
The number of women drivers on UK roads has gone from 10.2m to 15.3m

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