Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Times up?

The Times has a speculative piece asking whether wealthy donors who have previously given or lent money to Labour might be the people to pull the plug on Gordon Brown. Newspapers, especially those in the hands of the powerful, always to suggest that there are powerful people who can make things happen. It suits their worldview, but also provides good stories when they can get "inside information" from those people.

In this case the journalist, Rachel Sylvester is aware of the paradox in her own piece:
It is hard to imagine Labour taking orders from its super-rich paymasters - in fact, if the donors did go public with their concerns, their intervention could strengthen Mr Brown's position with MPs and activists who were always suspicious of Mr Blair's alliance with wealth. However, if the party suspects that the donors are reflecting wider public opinion, they could just tip the balance against the Prime Minister.
Of course, the super-rich-paymasters don't need to go public - their "friends" can talk to the Times.

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