Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Seldon's spin pass

The Telegraph tells the sad tale of two of our top public schools falling out over rugby. What's sad is that the head of one of them has been caught spinning:
At first, Dr Anthony Seldon, the Master of Wellington and Tony Blair's biographer, hinted the games are to be stopped because newly co-educational Marlborough was no longer up to scratch on the field.
But yesterday Nicholas Sampson, his counterpart at Marlborough, hit back with the revelation that a "violent incident" had been committed by a Wellington player, which had soured relations between the two sides.
So a Blair sycophant seems to be taking the same approach as Blair. Perhaps that isn't surprising: Blair went to public school too. It seems to be a part of the ethos of at least some of them that when things go pear shaped you lie through your teeth to keep up appearances.

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