Friday, 2 November 2007

Strachan tells it straight

Celtic manager Gordon Strachan has hit out at the way the press misrepresent and manipulate the words of footballers and football managers.

"You people sometimes are like those serial killers you see in films who send out these horrible messages.

"The serial killer who cuts out the words 'I am going to get you' or 'your wife is next'. You are the very same."
Strachan was complaining about press stories that claimed he coveted David Weir, a player at another club.
"Last week I was told of the headline that I wished I had David Weir.

"No way at any time did I say that I wished I had David Weir.

"In the 20 minutes that I sat there I'm sure that 'David Weir' and 'wish' may have been said but at no time did it ever, ever come together."

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