Friday, 7 September 2007

Yentob and Noddy

The Guardian reports that Alan Yentob has been caught doing noddy shots for interviews where he wasn't actually present, another twist in the tale of fake t.v.

I've just recorded a t.v. interview for a film I've been making and manage to avoid the hackneyed noddy shots, although I confess that the shots of me asking the questions were recorded after I asked the actual questions, as there was only one camera.

The interesting thing about he Guardian story is the extent to which the BBC source is allowed to make an anonymous defence.
The source robustly defended the practice, insisting that Yentob was unable to attend every interview that appears on his show because of his workload.
It is quite possible that the source is Yentob himself, something the reader would be entitled to know, I suggest.

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