Wednesday, 15 August 2007

No Bias at the Beeb

On Sunday, Iain Dale had a go at the BBC over the way it presented the Tories putative plans on red tape and business. He pointed out that one item had led with
Labour has condemned...
thereby presenting the story from Labour's point of view. In my experience this is a frequent habit of the Beeb but, unlike most of Dale's rightwing comment posters, I think that it shows deference to the party in power, rather than to Labour itself. When the Tories were in power, the Beeb was just as bad.

Now the Beeb has responded, denying bias but admitting that showing old footage of Tory John Redwood not knowing the words to the welsh national anthem was not on. Dale has claimed victory, in spite of the BBC saying that the item he picked out was not representative.

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