Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Time to move on?

Having set up the website and proved conclusively that the government's spin doctors were, after all, on the inside of the process of drafting the September 2002 dossier that took the UK to war, I'm turning my attention to the influence of spin elsewhere.

I'm not going to be giving up on the dossier story, even with Tony Blair's imminent departure. There is much more to come out about how the dossier was sexed-up. There are fundamental questions to be answered about how Blair took the country to war on a cooked-up pretext and how a series of establishment inquiries and the British media failed to get to the truth. How an institution like the BBC was humbled and beaten into submission over a story that it got 90% right.

But the influence of spin doctors is endemic in modern culture, particularly political journalism. The questions I want to ask are questions like: why do journalists think it's their job to spin for politicians? and where does spin end and journalism begin?

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